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Does the size, shape and structure of your lips bother you? If it does, you may want to try out lip filler treatment.

Lips are a very conspicuous part of the face and greatly contribute its visual appeal, hence they must be on point at all times to unleash that killing look that will make faces turn. Lip filler has proved very helpful aiding many achieve their beauty goals.

Otherwise called lip augmentation, lip filler is a cosmetic non-surgical procedure that can enhances the size and shape of the lips yielding fuller lips that accentuate the radiance of your beauty.

The process is generally simple, cheap and less risky as it does not involve surgery. Using small needles, the lip filler is injected into the lips or the mouth areas. The degree of effectiveness and the longevity of the effect largely depends on the type of lip filler used.

Some of the most commonly used substances in lip fillers include: collagen, hyaluronic acid, autologen, dermalogen and alloderm.

While some lip fillers are temporary, others are permanent. Therefore depending on how long you want the effects to last choose the most appropriate filler. A temporary lip filler will illicit reaction for something between 6 months and 2 years. The effects of a permanent lip filler last much longer than that averaging about 5 years.

Different doctors will use different materials and different techniques. And because it is a fairly complex process, prerequisite skill and experience is necessary. Using the services of an amateur or a quack could land you in deep problems with harmful side effects. You don’t want that, do you?

IF you are in Portloise and the surrounding areas, visit Laois Cosmetic Doctor for all your professional lip augmentation services. Our experienced staff will get to know what you want, advise accordingly and help you get the perfect lips. We will also do follow ups to ensure the gains are consolidated. And all that amazingly affordable rates.

Lip Filling
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