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The appearance of an abnormal growth on the skin carries with it many worries. Not only because the lesions ruin the otherwise beautiful smooth skin but may also be a symptom of a serious health condition that may require urgent medical attention.

We feel you and understand the scare, that’s why we are always willing to help. Regardless of the type of lesion, our trained and experienced cosmetic doctors will treat and remove it so you continue rocking in your beautiful skin.

Basically, there are two types of skin lesions, benign and malignant. Benign lesions are non-cancerous and pose no health risk to the patient. Good thing is that most people who visit our clinic suffer from benign lesions. Though not life threatening they ought to be diagnosed and treated. Malignant lesions are cancerous and would need immediate medical intervention.

Lesions are caused by different factors. The two main causes are infection (on or beneath the skin) and allergic reactions. When the skin comes into contact with the infectious agent or the allergen, it reacts by forming the lesions.

Other lesions are hereditary and passed from one generation to the next. Moreover, some lesions are a result of some health conditions which affect the normal skin configuration.

Depending on the type, severity and range of the causative agent, the lesion may be limited to one spot or spread throughout the body. To prevent further spreading, lesions should be treated as soon as they are noticed.

Not all lesions are the same but vary in terms of physical appearance. Factors like size, color, shape and crustiness are used to distinguish the lesions. Lesions can also be identified by the part of the body in which they appear.

You don’t need to suffer in silence. Come over let a specialists have a look at the lesion. We will diagnose it and apply the appropriate remedial measure to clear the lesion.

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