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Liposuction is one of the very popular ways people use to get rid of excess fats from the body. The cosmetic surgery entails the application of pressure to suck fats out until the desired body size and shape is attained.

There are various forms of liposuction tumescent liposuction being one of the most popular. It’s very similar to your usual liposuction only that a few additional procedures are introduced to enhance effectiveness and safety, and as such it is preferred by most patients over other methods.

The term ‘tumescent’ means swollen and firm. As the name suggests, a solution of a local anesthesia and a shrinking agent is injected into the area of interest. This causes capillaries around the area would then shrink as the fat hardens and become firm.

Then follows the process of liposuction. The hardened fat is then sucked out with a lot of ease with much more less bleeding.

Without prior hardening of fats, the process of liposuction is hectic. The sucking is intense resulting in high bleeding and more painful sessions. Not to forget the sickening side effects of the general anesthesia. All these make liposuction a hell of experience.

Tumescent liposuction effectively addresses these shortcomings enabling many a people achieve their dream bodies smoothly and with relative ease, and the surgeon’s work made much easier.

Compared to other forms of liposuction, tumescent liposuction has several added advantages. Such advantages as:

  • Significant reduction in blood loss
  • Less painful process.
  • Reduced bruising.
  • The use of local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia or other sedatives saves patients the unpleasant side effects of general anesthesia.
  • After surgery swelling and skin irregularities greatly reduced.
  • Comes with a shorter recovery period after the procedure.

The journey to your dream body has never been this easy. For all your liposuction treatment needs in Portloise and its environs turn to Laois Cosmetic Doctor. Our experienced surgeons will safely take you through the process with maximum results.

Tumescent Liposuction
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